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How to Make Money Online The Easy Way !

facebook-backgroundDear Friend,

Are you like most people just to busy trying to earn a living, rather than making some Real Money ??

Well millions of people are asking themselves that exact same question.

I remember I asked the same question myself a few years back. We all hear about the money that some people are making using the Internet, and I have to admit that when you hear the stories of people, making money while sitting at home in front of a PC or Tablet or the people who are sat on beaches in some hot Caribbean Country with systems similar to having your own cash machine on hand, you do have to wonder if it’s just a pipe dream, and whether or not these people really do exist !

Let’s face it, we have all heard and seen some of these keywords haven’t we……….

Make Money Now, Earn Cash from Home, Work for Yourself, Make Cash Fast, Earn Millions from your PC, Become the Rich Guy and all in your spare time !


How Can You “Really” Earn Money from Home the Easy Way ?



Why Facebook you may ask? “Wouldn’t it make sense to join the community with the most people?”  “Facebook has more than one billion users and is five times more popular than the next most popular social network, and the amazing part is just how fast you can actually do it !

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find inside this set of 3 DVD’sImage result for images of facebook marketing dvd

  • How to create an appealing Facebook profile.
  • How to successfully drive and generate Traffic to your site on line
  • Video Marketing
  • Entering the Groups community to sell to
  • Boosting your Posts, and tips on how to market these FREE
  • the ” do’s ” and ” dont’s ” of Facebook Marketing
  • How to create successful Ads
  • How to create large crowds of people
  • Tips from Jay who has used Facebook for many ventures
  • How to create a successful Website

Learning how to market your MLM business on Facebook is a very effective strategy used now by marketers worldwide. Between Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook a smart network marketer can build a large following of people and the potential to create fantastic financial results.

Network marketing is all about building relationships so social networks are a fantastic fit for our industry. A marketer can quickly establish lasting relationships and build a list of like-mined people to whom they may eventually introduce products or services. In this video, Jay Hastings will show you the techniques of marketing your MLM on Facebook completely free of charge.

Ever had a ‘eureka’ moment ?

You know – one of those electric light bulb moments, that comes when you’re in flow, and you know you’ve had a brilliant brainwave?

Well – you’re not alone !

A staggering 10.9 million Brits have dreamed of owning their own business… only to never follow through 

Results from a Barclays survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted in June 2016):

– lack of funding – 51% of people

– not knowing where to start – 42% of people

– lack of confidence – 38%

– not having the right kind of knowledge – 34%

– not having access to the right tools and equipment – 20%

– lack of space – 15%

A of these statistics add up to more than 100 because some people have multiple excuses for not forging forward with their brainwave idea !!

Why, because despite all our good intentions, there always seem to be ” barriers ” standing in the way of potential businessmen and women.

So, don’t be another Statistic – This really can Work for You !

Here’s How …..     

1.  Create an appealing Facebook profile

When someone knows, likes and trusts you, they’re more willing to hear about your business. Your profile gives you this opportunity when you use your profile picture; cover image, and “about” section properly.

How Can You Earn Money from Home ?

2. Identify your audience

Think about who you’d like to meet, and introduce yourself

Not only can you reach more people through Facebook, you can reach the specific people who are most likely to become your customers.
To help you connect, consider:
  • What do your ideal customers have in common?
  • How old are they and where do they live?
  • How can your business help them?
  • Would one group be more interested in specific messages, products or services? A sale or a timely offer?
To build your audience, encourage your current customers and supporters to like your Facebook Page. They’re the people who are most likely to see your posts in their News Feed. Also, explore the options under the Build Audience button:
  • Invite your friends: Let the people in your life know about your Page so they can support you by liking it. This initial audience helps you to establish credibility and spread the word straight away.
  • Share your Page – and make sure you like it yourself. Be a spokesperson for your business.
  • Invite your businesses contacts: Upload a list to send people an email so they know about your new Page.
Remember: It isn’t about the number of likes. It’s more important that you genuinely connect with the people you want to buy from you.

3. Create compelling content

Make your business come alive on Facebook

As you post updates, photos and more, think about what your customers find interesting and inspiring. Experiment with different kinds of posts. Does your audience love photos or prefer it when you share useful links? You’ll find out quickly by looking at your Facebook Page Insights.
  • Be authentic: Share what you’re genuinely excited about and your customers will be excited too.
  • Be responsive: When people comment on your posts, show that your business is listening and that you care. If you need more time to answer a question, let them know that you’re looking into it.
  • Be consistent: The more regularly you post, the greater an opportunity you have for connecting with people and building trust. Setting a schedule for your posts can also help to maximise your team’s time.
  • Do what works: Replicate your success on posts that get more engagement.
  • Make successful posts into successful promotions: When you notice that a post is getting a lot of engagement, promote it to reach even more people. When people like, comment on or share your posts, their friends are also eligible to see those posts in News Feed.
Remember: Your recipe for success is to create Page posts and adverts that are interesting and valuable to your customers – and to target your messages so that the right people see them.  Learn how to create engaging posts on your Facebook Page.

5. Monitor

Find out what’s working well so you can maximise the impact of every post and advert

Facebook has a lot of different tools to help you measure how you’re doing.
  • Your Page Insights will keep you up to date on activity on your Facebook Page.
  • Use Page Insights to understand who responds to your messages. Make sure that you look at the gender, age and location of the people who are the most engaged with your business so you can continue to engage them through targeted adverts and promoted posts.
  • When you create your adverts, try out different images and headlines to see what works. Facebook will automatically optimise your campaign so that more of your budget goes to the advert that’s performing the best.
  • Ask how people heard about you – at the end of a call, in a survey or at the point of sale – and keep track of what they say. It will supplement the data Facebook’s tools provide.

Remember: Marketing your business is all about helping you achieve your goals, Someone famous once said ” the man who doesn’t advertise his business will one

Day see his business Advertised   …..Image result for FOR SALE IMAGE BOARD

 ” My Story “

Hi my friend, please let me introduce myself to you, my name is Karen Martin, and not so long ago, I struggled myself with the best of them, wondering where to start, how to start, I tried everything to make money, but unfortunately nothing worked for me whatsoever.

It wasn’t until the moment I discovered online marketing through receiving a direct e mail myself, offering me an idea of how to make money by copying someone else’s ideas, that I began to study, read and learn, and by investing in a course of VIP training, things have really started to change for me.

After being made redundant in May, I found myself wondering what my future prospects would be with no or little money, credit cards and bills on my desk that I couldn’t pay.  My future was pretty grim, as was my outlook on life.

I had just bought myself a Hyundai IX35 car on finance, because hey, why not, I was earning a good salary and could easily afford to do this, as well as afford the nice holidays abroad, life was great until……..

I was called into an office by my boss at work, he looked wearily down at me, and explained that ” logistics ” were forcing them into a situation that they were unable to avoid, and unfortunately I was a casuality of this, and that my termination was going to end in one month, of course, I could leave now and enjoy the sunshine if I wanted to, like I would actually want to stay after being delivered this world shattering, devasting news and carry on with my work colleagues as if nothing had happened !

With tear filled eyes, I stood up proudly, said ” okay fine ” I will get my personal belongings, and without saying a word to anyone, simply grabbed the keys to my recently acquired car, and walked out, letter explaining clutched in my hand.

What on earth was I going to do now, Jobseekers Allowance wouldn’t cover my mortgage, bills and financial commitments, and on the wrong side of 50 years old, didn’t really see much prospect of me really gaining suitable employment in the future.  The IX35 would certainly have to be returned to the Finance Company, as I wouldn’t now be able to keep up the monthly repayments on it.

After feeling generally ” not wanted ” by this Company, I wondered aimlessly home to face reality, yes I would receive 2 months salary, but this wouldn’t last long, and two months is no time at all to find alternative employment.  So of course indeed the two months passed by quickly as you can imagine, and after wondering to the cash machine in July only find a balance of £8.07 in my account, which I couldn’t even draw out because it had to a minimum of £10.00 !  I had used to having money in my account, and now it was all gone and I couldn’t see a way forward at this point.

But then……………..

Remember I told you about the guy I had discovered who asked me to copy his ideas, and provide myself with a sustainable future business, that anyone educated or not, could easily do with some effort by simply doing what he did !

I had put this initial e mail to one side whilst I concentrated on my work and daily life, and thought like most people that my life was fine, okay I wasn’t super rich, I didn’t have complete financial freedom and the opportunity to go wherever I wanted to, but I had a nice home and a  nice car, so why bother trying to achieve something that quite honestly, probably like you are thinking now, that this direct e mail offering me an opportunity to make some real money probably sounded ” too good to be true “, so I put everything I had learned to one side in favour of the “rat race ” and that remarkable resemblance to a ” hamster on a wheel ” – I was doing what everyone else who accepted ” their lot ” was doing…

But then, I told myself that everything happens for a reason, and I firmly believe this, now that I had the time to start doing something for myself that was much more lucrative than working for someone else, and would never have to worry about being made redundant again either, and then I realised that  I COULD ACHIEVE that financial freedom that most of us long for, but very few of us seldom every achieve.  The World we live in seems obsessed with internet on line marketing, and to me, it seemed perfect sense to take up basically where I had left off, and re-educate myself on those ideas I had stumbled across, but had literally done absolutely nothing with after spending 18 months following a subscription course module by module and then 9 months in a job that I was eventually to lose, this was a way of making real money, no gimmicks, no get rich schemes, just an honest and ” real “ way of making the kind of money that could completely change the life of me, and my children, and give them financial freedom too.

Imagine that for just one moment, all the kinds of things I could buy with this new found financial freedom. I made myself a 5-Year Vision Book of what I wanted to achieve, it went something like this……………………

  1. A large secluded home with a Swimming Pool and Gymnasium, in at least five acres of land
  2. A Bentley Continental Convertible                        Continental GT V8 Convertible

3. A Housekeeper             4. A Gardener to take care of my five acre estate              

5. At least 1 Million pound in my bank account in Year 1

6. £500,000 initially to each of my children to give them financial security

7. A home in Barbados overlooking the Seaa852c313b45b3f0ee761303c7adb87815bc536f4_80_60b2b84e04e2165f8ab2a5217644f9efbf553bd775_645_430



Well my friend, I haven’t quite got there yet, but I now have the determination and skills set to make my dreams come true, and you could have it too, so make a start, like I have, and build your on line business to financial success and a life of financial freedom forever,   so  go on……… Put out that Sign  








Here are just a few of the GENUINE Success Stories of people just like you and me, who have made SUBSTANTIAL amounts of money using Facebook ~

Tom Hope – Success Story

Anchoring a winning strategy
The Swedish design company introduced 4.5 million new people to its handmade nautical bracelets, using Facebook’s ads for Page post engagement.
Facebook has been essential for our business since day one. It has by far been the most effective way of reaching customers and measuring success. We have thus far not experienced any diminishing returns, and will continue to use Facebook as our main marketing channel in the future.
Tomaj Sangchi, CEO & founder, Tom Hope

Success Story- True baking passion never gets old

A 72-year-old entrepreneur stirred up the baking community with the help of Facebook ads, which attracted over half of the visitors to her online store, created 20% of sales, and increased turnover by 20% in just 4 months.

 For us, contact with the customer is more important than success. We quickly realized that Facebook would play the most important role in that. For me, Facebook can be compared to a market stall: people give advice, get inspired, browse and prepare to buy. That puts Facebook one step ahead of other channels, and that’s why we’re planning to expand our campaign.

Karin Schröder, founder and CEO, Bakerware

Success Story – Driving online sales is child’s play

Dynamic ads helped toy retailer Kidzone become the king of the castle when it came to reaching its audience and boosting online sales.

Their Story – All a kid wants

Kidzone is an Israeli company that makes the world’s favourite children’s brands—from toys to fashion and furniture—available to everyone, and at affordable prices. With 4,000 items in stock at any given time, Kidzone’s huge product variety poses a marketing challenge.
Facebook activity has substantially increased our website traffic and increased the amount of purchases on a significant scale. In addition, the opportunities to advertise with Facebook are endless, and there always seems to be a new tool or strategy to explore.
Maya Elimelech, Marketing Manager, Kidzone

Success Story – Sales in the bag

A company offering a fresh take on the humble gym bag gained loyal fans and a celebrity following—and doubled sales—thanks to its Facebook ad campaigns.

Their Story – Made in Manchester

Not just any old gym bag, JimBag offers style, attitude and versatility for fashion-conscious fitness fans. Founder Anthony Bingham dreamed up the concept as he juggled office life with gym visits. Unable to find a stylish multipurpose bag suitable for both, he designed the JimBag, which is now made in Manchester.

Their Goal – Playing the field

Friends loved JimBag as soon as they saw it. However, Anthony and his business partner Dominique wanted to increase awareness more widely and get love from target audiences further afield.
Facebook was key to helping us learn about and find our target audience. We built this from our small base of existing customers and extended this audience. The response was fantastic and is getting better and better by the day as this audience grows. Facebook has been a game changer for us here at JimBag.
Dominique Morton, co-owner and Director, JimBag

These are my friend, genuine published testimonials from people who have made their businesses a success using proven methods of advertising on Facebook, and it really doesn’t matter what part of the World you are from, FACEBOOK ADVERTISING REALLY DOES WORK !

You Can do it with these Facebook Marketing Set of 3 DVD’s.Image result for images of facebook marketing dvd

Here’s why …..

Article Body:-  PLR Article from Mr A who is proof that you can earn money online  …………………………

Millions of people are asking the same question. I remember I asked the same question myself a few years back. We all hear about the money being made utilising the Internet. I must admit when you hear the stories of people, making money while sitting at home or people retiring early, you wonder if it’s just a pipe dream. Well I’m happy to say it can happen and I can tell you from personal experience that I am sitting in the comfort of my home writing this article. It’s unbelievable. I’m actually sitting in my bus on the Gulf of Mexico enjoying the water.

My wife and I travel around enjoying this beautiful country we live in. It’s just so cool to be able to do what I want when I want to do it. This is how I live now. I spend a few hours a week with my online business and am extremely happy with how my online journey has gone.

Well enough about me. I’m sure you are wondering if it can happen for you. I believe it can. The Internet allows everyone access to millions of people daily. You may choose to have an online business like I have or you may want to create one of the many other types of online businesses. Here are just a few of the opportunities available to you either as an Online Business owner or simply working from home to create additional income. Here are a few examples:

* Online Web Business

* Online Jewelry Store

* Google Business

* Ebay Business

* Data Entry

* Type At Home

* Process Rebates From Home

* Online Paid Surveys

These are just a few of the many types of work at home programs and home based business programs.


*Google Business

* Ebay Business

* Data Entry

* Type At Home

* Process Rebates From Home

* Online Paid Surveys


So How do you go about choosing a program for you? Well it seems difficult, but with some of the simple suggestions I’m going to give you it can be done quite easily. Do not simply join the first program you see. There are many programs that will simply take your money leaving you with nothing but despair in the end. Take your time when asking the following questions of yourself:

* What are you income expectations?

* Do you want an online business or simply to earn some extra cash?

* What are your skill sets?

* What do you feel comfortable doing?

* How much time do you have on a weekly basis?

* Do you have a computer, access to the Internet and a printer?

* Are you willing to invest about the cost of a night out in yourself?

* Will you be willing to exercise some patience?

* Will you take the time to put forth the effort required?

Find us on Facebook

Once you have the answers to the above questions then you are now ready to begin this fabulous on line training and advice from Jay Hastings, Learning how to market your MLM business on Facebook is a very effective strategy used now by marketers worldwide. Between Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook a smart network marketer can build a large following of people and has the potential to create fantastic financial results. Network marketing is all about building relationships so social networks are a fantastic fit for our industry. A marketer can quickly establish lasting relationships and build a list of like-minded people to whom they may eventually introduce products or services. In this set of 3 x DVD’s, Jay will show you the techniques of marketing your MLM on Facebook completely FREE OF CHARGE for 30 days – no obligations to buy whatsoever, no money asked for upfront !  

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In the meantime, check out these Testimonials from Students of his………..

Facebook can help you to reach all of the people who matter most to your business !

You have to take the steps necessary to fulfill your dreams. The cost to give yourself a chance is minimal. You can spend less than going out to dinner and a movie one night with your family. Surely you can spend that much on yourself.

Facebook advertising has some incredible targeting capabilities that can help you tailor your message and target your desired audiences. Take full advantage of Facebook advertising targeting options to create highly successful Facebook ad campaigns.

  • Take advantage of advanced targeting options. Facebook has  lots of unique targeting options for paid ads that you just won’t find anywhere else. You can target your audiences by using location, age, gender, workplace, relationship status, language, education and more.
  • Zone in on your ideal audience with interest targeting.   As well as the targeting options, Facebook allows for some incredible targeted marketing. This provides the interest targeting capabilities to justify your use of Facebook advertising.

When someone knows, likes and trusts you, they’re more willing to hear about your business.

Your profile gives you this opportunity when you use your profile picture; cover image, and “about” section properly.

I hope you have great success and are able to enjoy the things in life that are important to you.

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You Can do it with these Facebook Marketing Set of 3 DVD’s.

Still not Convinced ?  

Then read more tutorials from people who Jay has helped achieve enormous success with their on line business……………………..

How many internet marketing for beginners products do you own? how many times have you taken out your credit card in a moment of desperation only to find 1 year later that you were no further forward in your online business.

I know exactly how that feels! It took me a while to realise that I needed an Internet business expert to help guide me through, get this 3 x DVD set to find out exactly how to do it sucessfully.

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Jay Hastings will show you how to create your Website, how to drive traffic to the site, and he will also show you how to market your product to generate a lot of traffic and leads.

  • Learn how to monitise your Blog, find out the tried and tested marketing techniques that will generate your leads
  • Learn all about Batlinks, this is what will help your website rank within the search engines
  • Learn about Keywords – these are words entered into GOOGLE to find out what you are looking for
  • Learn how to make a Video and edit it
  • Learn how to make your Videos look professional without spending ANY MONEY, Jay does it all free and will show you how
  • Learn how to lever your business for as little as $2 dollars / day
  • Learn how to generate your first income
  • Learn about Business planning
  • Learn about Internet Marketing strategies
  • Learn powerful profit making marketing concepts, that have made Jay a successful marketer

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You can run the Discs time and time again, so you don’t have to worry about making notes or remembering everything that Jay said.

Imagine FINANCIAL FREEDOM, with this MARKETING REVOLUTION you can achieve the Dream Lifestyle that you deserve and want in just a few hours per day from anywhere in the World, just imagine sitting on this beach in Barbados……..

Beautiful Barbados sand beach

This is ” Your Time ”  to make that change to your life.Image result for images of facebook marketing dvd

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More from Jay HastingsImage result for images of facebook marketing dvd

On the DVD set, Jay will show you how to market effectively on Facebook and how you can generate a ton of leads and direct traffic to wherever you want it to go by spending just an hour a day on Facebook, there is nowhere better at the moment than Facebook, it’s a great place to build an on line presence, especially if you are looking to brand yourself as an on line marketer.

Facebook is the 2nd most viewed site at the moment behind GOOGLE, with 500 million active users, and growing every day.

There is simply no better way than Facebook, so if you haven’t got a Facebook profile, then set yourself an account up now before you receive your FREE COMPLIMENTARY Disc.  Setting up the account is straightforward, just go to Facebook.com and create your profile, it’s as easy as that.     building a relationship with people first of all is key, so put a picture friendly image on there, as well as that create an information page, and what you do, your business, website links can all be put onto your profile.

Jay will show you how to join groups, you can interact with 1000’s of people to market to, you need to go onto whatever group that your niche is about, add groups from there for like minded people, you can join any group you want to, all of this is explained and demonstrated on the DVD set by Jay.  You can reach 1000’s of people with one click, they will all receive content via personal e mail, and you can send them to your Blog, and build a connection with them.

You can also create a Fanpage, this is used for people to follow  you, and you can provide value, this means creating tips, hints, effectively market Facebook for your own means and profit gain.

Creating a Fanpage is simple, just go on to someone else’s Fanpage, and create your page from there.

You can also have unique tabs on your Fanpage, create Videos that people can watch direct from Facebook.  Create an Autoresponder service, drive traffic to your site and USP.

Invite friends on Facebook with one click…………

There are endless tips, advice and paramount advice from Jay on how to step-by-step market your business through Facebook, the ones mentioned about are but just a few of his valuable expertise on how to market your business and make real money on line.  


Create your page, stop the DVD, playback the DVD, and follow step-by-step what he does online in the comfort of your own home.  He will give you the know how on how to produce real results from your business, this is the most cost effective purchase you could ever make, and all for just …..

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A lot of business people have never really thought about who their market is, and exactly what customer to attract and how to reach them…so you can understand why a large percentage of people don’t make it in the marketplace.

You must have the ability to target your market and your customers and ” give the people what they want “.  You need to be able to do this by way of a product of service that you alone supply……this is the easiest way for you to get rich !

So you might be asking yourself – yes but what’s in it for me ?

Well, it’s wisdom you will gain from listening to Jay Hasting’s guide on how to make money through Facebook, how to get free ad’s, how to drive your traffic, and lots, lots more information that he is giving away on this set of 3 x DVD’s, invaluable tips that will get you started on the road to have your own sustainable on line business using the power of Facebook.

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Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my website. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…or something like this:

The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

As a new WordPress user, you should go to your dashboard to delete this page and create new pages for your content. Have fun!